Costa Rica Day 6 – Birthday

It’s our 6th day of ministry here in Costa Rica. It seems like everyday gets crazier and more full than the last. But remember the number one rule of mission trips: be flexible! So, we began our day in Escazu drove to the Poas Volcano, drove to the orphanage and are now at the beach. Needless to say most of the day has been in the van (5-6hrs). But it has been so good.

Today is May 29 – otherwise known as my birthday. Though I didn’t get to celebrate it with my family, I got to celebrate it with the Lord and fellow believers on mission here in Costa Rica. How often can I say I saw a volcano up close on my birthday?!

Our major ministry today was planting a garden with a variety of about 10 different vegetables for an orphanage. It was hard and hot, but so much fun knowing that our work would result in food on the table for children!

Our time is drawing to an end. We leave on Thursday morning for home, but we have one fun day at the beach tomorrow. Thank you all for your many prayers – they were felt!


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