Guest Blog: Brittany Eberhart 2

Well, we just wrapped up day 5 of CYIA training camp, and things are still going really well. Every night we have some kind of special event for everyone. On Sunday night the band who’s leading worship for us this week did a concert to let us hear some more of their music, and they’re awesome (if you want to check them out, go to On Monday night they and Stephen Broome (senior pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Orangeburg), the chapel speaker for the week led a prayer concert. We weren’t so sure about what it would be like or if it would be worth taking the time out to study, but it absolutely was. It was a powerful (and emotional for some) experience of worship and prayer. We prayed with people from other areas for each other’s ministries this summer and ended with prayer with our own areas. This time, which was only supposed to last 45 minutes, ended up lasting over 2 hours. God definitely showed up Monday night.

We’ve continued to have classes, some people have had practicums, and we’ve had alot of fun just continuing to hang out and build relationships with each other. On Tuesday night we had a “Singing Bee”, and our own summer missionary Zack made Spartanburg proud and won for us! It was a super fun night. Today the leadership students had some special classes where some leaders of South Carlolina CEF told us more about the ministry as a whole and the possibility of us continuing our ministry with CEF in the future in some other capacity. We also had a leadership panel where several adults came and talked to us about the different aspects of being a leader and answered our questions. Spartanburg was in charge of the demo club today, so Aaron Ross and I led it along with two other people from our area, Mikayla and Ryan. It was fun finally getting able to lead a club, and I’m excited about getting to do it for the rest of the summer! We ended tonight with a talent show, and boy do some of the people here have talent. There were lots of diverse acts, and there were atleast 5 involving people from the Spartanburg group. It was great!

Please continue to pray for the kids that come to demo club today, which will be their last time here. Tomorrow we’re putting on an event called “Open Air”, so the camp will divide in 2 groups and go to 2 different sites to do an event with kids, and the kids will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond at some point. We’d appreciate prayers that it will all go smoothly, we’ll have good weather, and that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of the children to hear the Good News.

Thank you so much!

In Christ,
Brittany Eberhart

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