Ready for Fuge?

“…it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  No, it’s not Christmas, but even better – it’s Fuge Week.  Centrifuge is one of my favorite camps on the planet and I get the privilege of taking our students next week (June 25-30).  This year we’re heading to Panama City Beach, Florida for Fuge.  We will be staying at the Shalimar Retreat Center and joining over 500 others for a phenomenal week with the Lord.  This year’s Fuge theme is the pursuit and the Bible Studies will be on the Lordship of Christ based on passages in Ephesians.  Check back each day for blog updates from camp.  Parents can also download this Parent Devotional to keep up daily with what your students are learning in God’s word.

The tuareg cross started it’s journey too.  Last week it was passed among Child Evangelism Fellowship Missionaries while they were at their summer camp.  So far the following folks have carried the cross this summer: Brittany Eberhart, Ryan Hammett, Makayla Meyers, Rachel Massengill, Caitlyn Turner, April Bussey, and Megan Scott.  The cross will begin being passed again among the mside students as we head to Florida on Monday.  It’s become one of the summer traditions here at Morningside and this seventh summer won’t be an exception.  I can’t wait to watch the path of the cross and the work of Christ in the students’ lives this summer.  Hang on…it’s going to be an amazing summer!

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