More from Fuge 2012

These past two days since my last blog have been jam packed. They’ve been full of great Bible studies, fun recreation games, powerful times of worship, and solid time with our students. In fact, they’ve been so full that as I laid down each night to write my blog, I’ve fallen asleep.

The students are all doing great. They are each in Bible study and recreation in the morning and then track times in the afternoon. The track times are classes that they each signed up to take. These include things like girls only Bible study, basketball, beach evangelism, duct tape art and snorkeling. Yesterday I got the chance to drive the snorkelers to the jetty. It was so cool seeing God’s creation through the goggles and be reminded how great and creative our God truly is.

Today is Friday, which means it’s Mega Relay day (the ultimate recreation event that a camp can offer). It also means its our last full day of camp. Continue praying for our students because Christ is at work in all our hearts. Pray we come home a changed people. Tonight we’re talking with them about how to take what they’ve learned from the Lord and stand firm in their faith back home.

This week the Tuareg cross has been passed from Jacob Ross to Justin Briscoe – then from Justin to Jeff Zhou – from Jeff to Molly Holcombe – and last night it was passed from Molly to Jordan Bennett. It’s been awesome to see the cross being passed to our new students. What a powerful testimony of our students’ desire to bring their friends to Christ and closer to the group as they become mside youth!

By the way, I’ve posted a few pics below, but the video won’t post on my blog for some crazy reason. You can watch it on my Twitter. If you don’t already follow my twitter account, look on the right sidebar of this blog for the tweet about the most recent video.





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