Tuesday at Fuge

For seven summers I’ve been trying to write thoughtful blogs each night of our camps and mission trips to help families at home stay connected. For seven summers now I’ve always stayed up after the guys fall asleep to write. But as I lay here I can tell I’m older. I’d love to write an amazing blog tonight filled with all the interesting details of the day, but all I really want to do is sleep. My alarm will go off in less than six hours.

But honestly we couldn’t have asked for a better first day of camp. The weather is great, the staff is awesome, the students are getting along, and the Lord is moving in their lives.

We have our first full day of classes, recreation, and worship tomorrow. Keep praying for us. We would all like to say a special thank you to our prayer partners – please keep bringing these students to the feet of Jesus in prayer each day. Here are a few pics from the day including a picture of Justin Briscoe passing the cross to Jeff Zhou!




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