Three Weeks

In my last two blog posts I’ve shared with you the amazing journey that the Lord has set our family on as he moves us to Florence, SC.  Today I have a crazy story to share of the faithfulness of our Lord.

Scripture says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6).  Since Ashley and I were dating as teenagers we’ve tried to live by these words.  Though we fail, Christ has always been the center.  From our first days off marriage in 1999 packing the truck to move to Texas for seminary, we’ve said, “yes” to the Lord.  Never once has he failed to provide for our needs.  Never once have we been in want.  Yes, I’ve worried and yes, I’ve been afraid.  But time after time Jesus has proven His amazing grace to me.  Jesus doesn’t have to do anymore than he already has on the cross – but he does.  He shows up in powerful ways just to bless my heart and bring himself glory.  He blows my mind!

Today is no exception.  Three weeks ago tonight (21 days).  I created an online listing on Zillow to sell our home in Spartanburg so that we could move to Florence to serve Him at Ebenezer.  When we moved to Spartanburg our home in Lancaster sold in thee days.  Times have changed and the housing market isn’t the same, so I was worried.  God wasn’t.  I prayed that night as I created the listing that the Lord would show up in a big way.  I said, “Lord, it would be awesome if you sold this house in three days like last time, but what about three weeks.”  I literally asked the Lord to sell 109 Monroe Road in three weeks.

Well, after six prospective buyers and eight showings…we got an offer yesterday and it went under contract tonight!  The Lord’s hand is all over this process.  Though I won’t mention the buyers names in this blog for privacy, it’s an absolute miracle how this all came together.  My first contact about them was on Sunday night through Diana Wike.  Diana is the pastor’s wife at Ebenezer in Florence.  She posted our listing on her Facebook wall and it was seen by her cousin in Charleston, SC.  Her cousin shared it on her Facebook wall because she used to live in Spartanburg and wanted her friends to see it.  The buyers are friends of the family from Charleston   In addition, a number of other mutual friends here in Spartanburg were sharing the listing on Facebook and the buyers saw those postings as well.  All that to say…God has shown up in a powerful way.  I’m grateful for social media and I probably need to buy stock in Facebook for helping us sell our home, but Jesus is the one who deserves all the glory.

We’re not at the closing table yet.  There are still a number of steps that have to take place, but tonight we celebrate!  How great is our God!!  He has clearly shown us where we are to go and what we’re to do…and tonight he is clearing a path and making straight the way.  Thank you Lord for answering our prayer.  Selling it quickly is a blessing…selling it in three weeks is just how crazy awesome Christ is!  If you need a reason to believe in Christ remember this story.  Miracles happen everyday.   The ONE who was…and is…and is to come…the Creator of all things..and Savior of this world is named Jesus.  Put your complete trust in him and he will make your path straight.

4 Comments on “Three Weeks

  1. What a powerful affirmation of our Father cares for us and is busy directing our paths. We are thankful for HIs provision over this process and we are excited to start work in the KIngdom with you in Florence. Blessing, Marty Coates

  2. So very cool…just another affirmation that you are on the right path! He is clearing the way for you. I am so in awe.

  3. Nathan, I was blessed reading your blog-yes, God is faithful and loves to show us “great and mighty deeds.” Blessing to ya’ll-will be praying settlement goes w/o problems!

  4. God is truly on the throne! I don’t know why we worry, fret, fear — when it’s His plan, it all falls into place! What a blessing to see His Plan at work in your life again. I am pleased, amazed, and blessed to be a witness to the affirmations He continues to give to those who trust in Him! This particular event adds to the on-going testimony that you have about how God has been and continues to be an ever-present presence in your life. He has always led the way in the lives of you and sweet Ashley! I am so blessed to be a witness to His constant love for His children.
    Many blessings and love, Mom

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