Selling Our Home

photoSo, the Lord is leading us to Florence.  The first step in the process was letting everyone we love in Spartanburg know what the Lord is up to in our life.  These past ten days have been rough.  It’s never easy saying goodbye, especially to people you love so much.

The second step in this process of moving is selling our home.  It’s crazy how fast it’s going now.  We told the students on Wednesday, April 17 and by Thursday morning we were cleaning out the excess in our house, filling up a 10×10 storage unit, staging the house and printing flyers.

Over the last seven years we’ve put an extraordinary amount of time, energy, blood, sweat, and money into this place.  We bought it in foreclosure and have transformed it into what it is today.  So, we’ve decided to sell it ourself to take as much of the equity to Florence as possible.  Now we’re one week into the sale and we’ve shown it three times and have a fourth tour tomorrow afternoon!  All it takes is one solid offer and we’re on our way to a closing.  We know that the Lord has led us this far and he has a perfect plan in mind – so we’re trusting in Him to bring the right family at the right time. If you know of anyone who needs this great home, here are the details:

Download a PDF of the Sales Flyer: 109 Monroe Rd    or      see the Online listing @ Zillow

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