First Days In Honduras

IMG_2717These first few days have been great.  Yesterday was all about travel and today has been all about preparing and orienting us for ministry in Honduras.

Yesterday we spent most of the day either on a plane or on a bus.  We actually spent longer on the buses here in Honduras getting to our hotel than in the airplane that brought us from the States.  We’ve been blessed by our drivers who are also local pastors.  Their passion for the Lord is infectious.

Today we began our morning as a team singing to the Lord and reading His word.  I even began learning to sing in Spanish.  Which, if you know me, is a big deal.  The morning was spent shopping for the groceries we will need to feed the team.  The afternoon was spent touring the area around La Ceiba.  The most powerful moment today was walking through an area of town called the dump.  It’s a neighborhood that is built over the city trash dumping ground.  It’s one of the poorest areas of town where many people used to find their food in the trash, but now there is a church on site providing help.  The church at the dump does bi-weekly food ministry to help feed the people.  These pictures are from the dump…these little children bring beauty to an otherwise harsh place.

At dinner tonight I had a phenomenal conversation with one of the three local pastors about the work of the Holy Spirit in Honduras.  He said that the Lord is moving mightily in his country.  The current president of Honduras recently declared that the evangelical churches could have a country-wide revival one day a year.  This year was the first of its kind.  They set up worship services in nineteen areas of Honduras and had over 350,000 people attend.  In addition to the yearly revival day the president has opened up the schools in Honduras to allow churches to come and minister to students.  The pastor also shared that the National Honduran Soccer team that just made it into the World Cup finals has also been seen in the media praying together and having worship services.  Pastor Shane is encouraged that the Holy Spirit is at work in ways like never before.  As I listened to Shane share all that the Lord is doing I asked him to pray for us.  Though we are on a mission trip to his country – our country needs this kind of revival.  Can you imagine our government or president declaring a national day for revival?  We sure need more time in prayer and worship and less time in political fights.

Tomorrow we begin our first medical clinic.  Pray for us.  We will have the majority of our team treating patients while a small group does painting and a third team leads women’s Bible studies.

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