It’s Electric!

Today was our first medical clinic day.  The majority of the team worked in the clinic seeing over 150 people while about six of us spent the day painting the exterior of a home for girls.

My day started off pretty rough.  The first thing I did when I got to the clinic was pull out one of my frisbees to play with the children.  After a few minutes of throwing it back and forth I flung it to a boy who apparently  wasn’t looking and then…boom…a bloody nose.  At least we had doctors on site.  After the epic fail of busting a kid’s nose I decided to go help set up the clinic.  I walked into a room to set it up and noticed the ceiling fan wasn’t working.  So, I went to try to fix it.  As I went to stand in the plastic chair to reach the fan the chair collapsed underneath me and broke.  At this point I’ve bloodied a nose and broken a chair and it’s not even 9am.  You would  think it couldn’t get worse.  But things typically come in threes.  My number three was electric!  I’m on the painting crew and was the first to climb the ladder with a bucket of paint and a brush.  There were some wires attached to the corner of the house and they didn’t look very dangerous.  Seconds later one of them brushed by my neck and there I was…shaking uncontrollably.  I can laugh about it now, but in that moment it wasn’t funny.  In the end it really wasn’t that bad and I was back up and working a few minutes later.  At least my morning mishaps brought a little comedy to a hard day of ministry.

After ten hours of seeing patients we ended the day by helping lead a women’s Bible study.  There were over 70 women and children at the church.  A few of our ladies taught the Bible study and then I had the opportunity to preach.  The coolest part of the evening for me was getting to lead worship in Spanish.  I’ve never spoken in Spanish – let alone sung in Spanish.  However, after a day of being coached in Spanish I led the congregation in “No Sweeter Name” in Spanish.  The church band and I played and I sang.  It was truly an early church/pentecost kind of moment.  Two countries, two languages, worshiping the ONE true God.

Pray for us as we travel to our next town tomorrow.  We will be on the road all day on Saturday.

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