Taking A Break from Social Media

photoHave you ever wanted to hit the pause button on your life?  Have you ever wanted to step back, breathe and really see what the Lord is doing in and around you?  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  This time of year we turn our hearts toward the cross of Christ and reflect on what He sacrificed in order to give us life.

Though I love social media, I’m struggling lately with being tied too closely to my smart phone and too loosely with my Savior.  As a husband, father, and student minister I’m constantly on social media.  I’ve been online since the days of dial-up.  But with the advent of the smart phone – life has been an ever-increasing swirl of information overload in the palm of my hand.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way social media can keep us connected, but I worry how the overuse is affecting my walk with Christ, marriage, parenting and ministry.  So, I’m hitting pause.

I’m not writing this to say, “look at me.”  I’m writing this to say, “pray for me!”  As a tech-junkie this will be hard, but important.  I want the hours per day that I’m not doing something in the social media world to be spent in the Word and reflecting on the most important relationship in my life.  Jesus needs to be more – I need to be less.  You can always reach me by email, text, calling or in person.  I’ll rejoin the social media scene again on Easter Sunday 2014.

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