10 Things I Learned During Lent

Forty Seven days ago I left social media.  I said then that I felt like social media had gotten in the way of my life and my relationship with Christ.  So, I set out to get away from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I deleted the apps from my phone and let everyone know I was leaving.  It wasn’t an easy process, but looking back it was so worth it.  Lent has come and gone and yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  As I return to the cyber world I want to share with you 10 things I learned during Lent 2014.

  1. The world didn’t stop because I left social media.
  2. Most people didn’t notice I was gone.
  3. Nothing major happened while I was gone.
  4. It was nice to talk to people face to face at meals and not with my fingers looking at a little glowing screen.  To be honest, I never noticed how many people are looking at their phone in restaurants or out in public rather than talking to the people they are with.
  5. I now know how it feels to be one of the few people who live outside the world of Facebook.  Yes, there are still a few people out there who don’t care what your status is today.  However, Facebook knew I was gone and they wanted me back…lol.  They sent me an email each week on Sundays trying to entice me to return by telling me what I had missed..
  6. There is so much more time in the day when I’m not glued to my phone.
  7. There is more time for meaningful conversation with people and most importantly with JESUS.
  8. Though social media has it’s positives, the biggest negative of social media is the way it gives many people a false sense of identity.  Far too many people (often unknowingly) allow other people on social media to fuel their self-worth and fill the void in their life.  Truth is…only Christ can do that.  He is sufficient to meet all your needs (2 Corinthians 3:5).  Stop letting what people say or don’t say about you on your wall or on your Instagram be the gauge for the worth of your life.
  9. Though I’m back online, I will do this again.  Having days or weeks away from the cyber world is refreshing.  I will never let social media become consuming again.  I pray it will be a tool for life and ministry and nothing more.
  10. When you spend less time checking social media you have more time to check in on The One who means the most.  I finished the New Testament during Lent.  The Word of The Lord is always more fulfilling than the words of Followers, Likers, or Re-Tweeters.

4 Comments on “10 Things I Learned During Lent

  1. Great post…still missing y’all still! Love to Ashley.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks Carol. We miss you too. Hope everything is good for you and your family. Laura seems to be doing so well and I know your enjoying that little one!

  2. Nathan, I gave up everything to and I learned the exact same things you did…my world certainly didn’t stop…I think the only thing I missed was wishing people happy birthday on Facebook…oh well…happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday between ash Wednesday and Easter! Love ya! Candy Threatt

    • Thanks Candy. Miss you all. Glad to hear I wasn’t alone during Lent. It was a great 46 days.

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