Honduras 2014: The Early Days

These first three days in Honduras have been more than we could have asked for or imagined. We’re part of a 39 person team from Ebenezer serving across the country of Honduras this week. We spent the first day traveling and the second day getting acquainted and oriented with the Honduran culture and the city of Le Ceiba.

Yesterday we visited the dump. It was our team’s first real experience with the depth of need. The dump isn’t just the location for the people of Le Ceiba to throw their trash. It’s home for hundreds of families with no other place to live. Our partners in Honduras do weekly feeding programs for these families.

Today began our first full day of medical clinics, children’s ministry, women’s Bible study and worship services. We saw over 150 patients and over 250 among the children’s clubs and services we helped lead.

I was very proud of our entire team, but especially our teenagers. They stepped up at every turn. Sharing their testimonies, singing, playing in the hot sun for hours with children desperate for love and attention. Seeing our students throwing frisbees to little ones and then telling them the Good News of Jesus was awesome.

Thank you for praying for us. Continue to pray for safety, strength and for The Lord to move in our lives and the lives of the Honduran people. We begin our day tomorrow again at 6:30am and we continue with clinics and children’s ministry in Belaire. Our day today is ending with dinner at 10:00pm. These are long days, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Full of Jesus.

By the way, the Tuareg cross has been passed from Colin to Paul and now to Derinda.


One Comment on “Honduras 2014: The Early Days

  1. So awesome, sweetheart! I am praying for you and Ashley and now Ryan who is in Nicaragua! I know pride is not spoken of highly in the Bible, but I am “busting my buttons” over my missionaries. Cama and Nana must be smiling down from Heaven! Love, Mom

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