To Blog or Not To Blog

It’s been such a long time since my last blog entry.  Seven months seems like an eternity.  As I look back over the last nine years of blog posts, this has probably been my longest hiatus.  This blog post will be my 500th.  Back in the first few months of the blog I don’t think I even had a Facebook account.  Most people in my church had never heard of a “BLOG.”  In fact, most of my students would giggle just a bit every time I said the word, “blog.”  Today, blogs are everywhere and everyone has a dozen or so different forms of social media.  And who knew nine years ago that people would actually be “blogging…PINNING…craft ideas…lol.”  Blogs these days tend to just be…the…Top 10 Things… You…never wanted to know anyway.  Typically they show up in your Facebook feed and are reposted by all your friends.  You’re friends either love it or hate it and try to draw you into their obsession or frustration.  In church circles where I spend most of my time, blogs from pastors and church leaders tend to be great words of encouragement or divisive & controversial.  Blogs have changed a lot over the years.  So, as I come back today to this blog, I ask myself whether or not I should continue to write it.

In 2006 I started this blog on WordPress (a fairly new company at the time).  My goal was to use it as a way to share stories of life and ministry.  In those days very few people had a smart phone (if you can call a Blackberry smart) and My Space was just starting to fade into the sunset.  I’ve used this blog as a platform to journal about the adventures of life, family and ministry that the Lord has placed before me and Ashley.  The very first blog ever written on was the birth announcement of our second son in 2006.  Since those days, so much has changed in our family and in the world of ministry and technology.

Now that it’s 2015, where do we go from here?  As Ashley and I begin our seventeenth year of marriage and full-time ministry this summer, we’re confident that the best is yet to come!  Who knows where blogs and other social media will be nine years from now.  Though I’ll post to Facebook and keep sharing great images on Instagram, I’ll keep writing this blog too.  My prayer is that it serves as reminder to us of the Lord’s faithfulness and as an encouragemnt to each of you!  May you continue seeking after the Lord, point others to Him and remember that our God is faithful!

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