Warrior River Family Trip

Times of retreat are my thing.  I’m a youth pastor right!?  I love putting together trips to get students away from their schedules and media to meet the Lord for the first time or grow closer to Him.  But the same should be true (even more so) for my family.  The Lord has called me first to lead my family toward Him and then families in the church.  Spring Break 2015 was just such an opportuinty.  Ashley and the boys and I left TV, WiFi, and the big city of Florence and headed to the Warrior River in Alabama.  Words can’t express our gratitude to Dr. & Mrs. Fuller for letting us stay at the Still Waters Retreat.  Your generosity and investment in ministers is so needed in this world.  Thank you Robby & Leigh for connecting us with this awesome family!  Enjoy this video of some of the great moments from our week with just the 5 of us!

One Comment on “Warrior River Family Trip

  1. So neat to “see” y’all again. My how the boys have grown!
    Love & prayers,

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