Summer Reading Launch!

This is it!  Summer 2015 is here.  Many of you enjoy nothing better than reading a few good books on early summer mornings by your cup of coffee or sitting on the beach as the tide rolls up on your feet.  I want to challenge you tonight to read one book with me this summer.  Let’s read the entire Bible.  A few years ago this seemed impossible to me.  I gave lots of excuses why I couldn’t do it.  But since 2009, I’ve read the entire Bible twice in two summers.  Honestly…those were some of my best summers.  

This summer we’re going to use this blog as a space to meet about what we’re reading.  I’ll post a short blog entry every day for the next 90 days as we journey through the Word together.  These blogs won’t always be written by me.  I’ve invited any student or adult at Ebenezer to be a guest blogger on my site and write for a day or more.  You’re all invited on this journey.  I encourage you to post comments about each day’s reading and what the Lord is teaching you through it!  Click this link to download a copy of the reading guide.  Start with day one tomorrow, June 1st.  Read Genesis chapters 1-16.  May the days ahead serve to deepen your walk with the Lord and may the overflow help transform the lives of the people around you this summer.

One Comment on “Summer Reading Launch!

  1. I’m game! Mary Rose says she wants to give it a go, as well:).

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