Gen. 1:1 – Gen. 16:16

These pages are where it all began.  These words were written thousands of years ago.  Think about it.  Think about the great care that people have taken over these centuries to keep this record of how life began and how the LORD began to bless His people.  Our reading today covers a ton of ground and hundreds of years.  We go all the way from creation to the Abraham & Sarah story.  In those days the people lived long lives and had many children.  The world was a pretty barbaric place and things were, in some ways, much simpler.  Yet even in it’s simplicity, the people still had the tendency for sin and selfishness.

The phrase in today’s reading that stuck out to me the most is Genesis 8:21.  The LORD has just flooded the earth and saved Noah and his family from the unspeakable devastation of the planet.  Then the LORD says, “Never again will I curse the ground of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood.”  The truth of these words is that we are all born in sin.  It’s not just those barbaric people of the early days of earth.  It’s not that Noah and his family were holy and everyone else were savages.  We are all born in sin.  We are all separated from God because of our sin.  Yet…God shows grace.  Though, “every inclination of [our] heart is evil,” the LORD is good.  For that, I’m thankful today.

5 Comments on “Gen. 1:1 – Gen. 16:16

  1. This morning I found myself mesmerized by Genesis 5. Here is an account of the lineage of Adam. As I read each man from Adam to Noah, verses 22-24 were illuminated. All those men and only was accounted for walking faithfully with God. Enoch. Twice the Word makes it clear that Enoch was faithful in his walk. Oh that the same may be counted towards me. That I may walk faithfully before the Lord all of my days.

  2. This morning as I began the reading the verses I was overcome by Genesis 5:22-24. Of all the men from Adam to Noah, only one was counted as walking with God. Enoch. And not once, but twice does the Word mention it. Oh that I may be counted as walking faithfully with The Lord all of my days!

  3. God promised Noah that never again would he destroy the earth and all it’s people with a flood. Then He put a rainbow in the sky to remind Him and all people of his promise. Now, thousands of years later, we still see a rainbow after it rains. That reminds me that God always keeps his promises to us. We should never doubt him or his word.

  4. Genesis 2:19 reminded me of years long past when I taught a kids’ SS class. I huddled them all onto the floor of our classroom and forbade them to say a word…difficult to impossible for a couple of them! I proceeded to act out a one way conversation between Adam and God as the animals came to Adam to be named. Okay, so I took a little literary license and I made certain that they understood the difference between the Truth and the story, but it was so much fun watching those little faces trying to figure out what creature was taking its turn before Adam. The aardvark will always be my favorite followed closely by the cow! Such sweet memories of making the Bible come alive for the little ones! How like our God to use His Word to bless my heart in such a way!

  5. Thank you ladies for joining us on this journey. It’s not a easy path, but it’s worth every moment in this 90Day journey. Keep checking back on the blog and leaving your thoughts!

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