Gen. 17:1 – Gen. 28:19

Guest Blog written by: Colin Raynor

No Hesitation
Obedience to God. That’s not something that we as Christians always like to do. It’s hard sometimes, because things God wants us to do are sometimes the opposite of what we want to do. Whether its decisions we make with friends, or the Holy Spirit telling us to witness or whatever falls under that category. Two people in todays reading exemplify what obedience to God truly is. First, we all know the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac, but one thing you miss by only reading that story is how much Isaac meant to Abraham. Yes, we all know it would be really hard to do, and most of us wouldn’t do it because it’s our son, but to Abraham, Isaac was much more than that. Isaac was Abraham’s only son with Sarah, and was the key to having Abrahams descendants being as many as the stars in the sky, yet when God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, there was zero hesitation from Abraham. Second is one that you don’t hear much of. Genesis 24 is when Abrahams servant is sent to go get Isaac’s (to be) wife. When the servant was shown by the LORD that Rebekah would be Isaac’s wife, he went to visit her house and explain to her parents what was going on. Genesis 24:50-51 says, “Then Laban and Bethuel answered and said, the thing has come from the LORD; we cannot speak to you bad or good. Behold, let her be the wife of your masters son, as the LORD has spoken.” Once again we are shown that there was zero hesitation from Rebekah’s parents to give up their daughter to someone they didn’t know, but they did it because they felt the LORD guiding them. Lets use these examples of obedient followers, in our own lives to follow what God is telling us to do.

2 Comments on “Gen. 17:1 – Gen. 28:19

  1. This may sound crazy, but the thing that struck me during these passages yesterday morning was that history repeats itself. First, Abraham throws Sarah under the bus and says she is his sister. And then Isaac does the same thing to Rebekah. So twice Abimelek is lied to about sisters really being wives. I pondered that all day yesterday, wondering why on Earth these men did not trust God to protect them and their wives. Actually, I’m still pondering that!

  2. Absolutely! Crazy isn’t it. Who gives their wife up to protect himself? I certainly hope if I was in that situation I would trust in the protection of the Lord rather than my own ability.

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