Jos. 1:1 – Jos. 14:15

Guest Blog written by: Colin Raynor

Todays’ reading was full of stories that we have all heard before. From Joshua leading the Israelites through the Jordan River, to the prostitute taking in the spies, and even the falling of the walls of Jericho. So you may wonder, how can you only focus on one thing, and not write a book doing so? Well I went back to the very first sentence of Joshua 1. It reads “After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord.” To some, that may mean nothing. To me it means everything because I am someone who always wants the nicest things, I want to win at everything I do, and I pride myself on victories, and how good I am at stuff. So it makes you think, what will leave more of an impression on people after you die? Do you want to be remembered for the nice things you have, or how good you were? In Moses’s case, that first sentence tells it all… “Moses the servant of the Lord.” It’s hard for us to do, but let’s remember the real reason we are here.  He > i

One Comment on “Jos. 1:1 – Jos. 14:15

  1. I was particularly struck by the passages involving Rahab. It was a perfect reminder that God uses the least likely to fulfill His purposes. Rahab wasn’t even aware how her simple obedience would impact entire generations. How amazing!

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