Jos. 15:1 – Jdg 3:27

Guest Blog written by: Charley Goode

Today in the Bible reading; we journeyed through the end of Joshua’s ministry with the Israelites. I really liked Chapter 23 – Joshua’s charge to Israel’s leaders. Joshua tells the tribes of Israel that it is the Lord who has fought for them. I highlighted this and put a star beside it because, that just warms my heart. Because, even though we were not standing before Joshua and in the tribes of Israel, the Lord still fights for us every single day in the midst of our battles and the mountains we face. To jump forward a couple verses, he then says in verse 5 “The Lord your God will push them back and drive them out of your sight. And shall possess their land, just as the Lord God has promised you”. Guys, WHOM SHALL WE FEAR? He says that he will fight for us, the God of all the universe wants to fight, for us! Your enemies who mock you, who scorn you, or who look down on you he will push them back and drive them out of your sight for your upward call to Jesus Christ. Therefore, just as Joshua said, be very strong. Joshua says that we should “cling” to the Lord our God. If we cling to him, he will make our paths straight. He wants to fight for us because, he doesn’t want us to suffer. Today, in the midst of your battles with the enemy, I hope you remember that you have a God who wants to fight with you and fight for you.

One Comment on “Jos. 15:1 – Jdg 3:27

  1. I love how we are reminded through these passages of God’s faithfulness. It is through these verses we get to know God and His character. And when we know who He really is, we can trust Him with all the junk this life brings our way.

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