1 Ki. 16:21 – 2 Ki. 4:37

Guest Blog written by: Jessica Brown

things don’t always turn out like we had hoped.
or planned.

one can burn with passion for God.
hoping the same fire will catch.

planning for revival in hardened hearts.

when what we hoped or planned seems to fail, we can find ourselves





such is the story of elijah.
elijah found himself discouraged after what happened at mount carmel.
what he hoped would bring converts to the Lord, led to him fearing for his


and it was fear that led him to flee.

begging God to take his life.

for he could take it no longer.

he had enough.

have you ever had enough?
felt you could do no more?

believed you were useless in ministry?

yeah, so did elijah.
but God is rich in mercy.
at elijah’s lowest point, God tended to his physical needs.
He allowed him rest.

for his soul.

and body.

enough to strengthen him to move forward.

sometimes our physical bodies need restoration before our spirit can be restored into a right relationship with God.

spiritual depression can take time to heal.

time of solitude.

time of reflection.

time of rest.

it is during the healing process, we begin to hear His voice again.
for His voice is not always in the big displays of power and wonder.

it is often in the stillness.

as quiet as a whisper.

the same breath that gave life to adam.

reaches down and speaks life and healing to our souls.

it is those intimate moments that restore our hearts.

and give us the strength to know we are never alone.

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