2 Ki. 4:38 – 2 Ki. 15:26

Guest Blog written by: Brad Kempson

In the beginning of today’s reading, a man brings Elisha twenty loaves of bread. Elisha’s servants wondered how they would feed a hundred men. The Lord told them to put the food in front of the people and there would be leftovers. Then later, in the New Testament, something similar happens with Jesus feeding the five thousand.

Naaman was the commander of the army of Aram. The thing is, he had leprosy. One of Naaman’s slaves told his wife that he should see the prophet in Samaria. The king of Aram told Naaman to go. Naaman saw Elisha and asked him to cleanse him. Elisha told him to wash in the Jordan seven times and he would be cleansed.

Naaman was upset that Elisha didn’t call on God and heal him there. He is like us sometimes. He wanted God to heal him in his way. Sometimes, we just want things to happen our way instead of the way God intends them. Naaman finally washed and was healed. If we follow what God has for us, he will give us a good result.

God chose Joash to be king when he was seven years old and Azariah when he was sixteen years old. This reminds me that God isn’t so concerned with age. Even if you are young, you can do great things for the Lord.  This week on the youth mission trip to Georgia has taught me that too. I had no idea what this reading would be about, and the fact that I read something that I learned in Georgia shows that God works in many amazing ways!

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