2 Ch. 23:16 – 2 Ch. 35:15

Guest Blog written by: Jessica Brown

renewal. revitalization. rededication. revival.

it is one thing to pray for revival.
but when hearts beat to the same rhythmic sound of the One who speaks truth, revival happens.

people must be united in Spirit in order to grow the Kingdom.
as believers and followers of Christ, we can not be divided in what we believe.
nor can we contradict what we profess to be true.

revival can not happen when actions and words do not match.
leaving the lost to mock the Gospel and run further into darkness.

“also the hand of God was on judah to give them singleness of heart to obey the command of the king and the leaders, at the word of the Lord.” – 2 chronicles 30:12

when people passionately love God above all else, then hearts are ignited for the same cause.
when hearts are ignited for the same cause, fire catches.
when fire catches, a blaze burns brightly for all to see.
and when those lost in darkness catch a glimpse of the Light, their hearts are warmed to the Truth of God’s love.

because King Hezekiah honored the Lord with all his heart, his people were able to wholeheartedly do the same.
when we keep our eyes on the One who led the way and follow His commands, we help pave the way for those following behind us.

may we be like the people of judah, uniting with other believers from Christian traditions other than our own. may we be united in heart and spark a revival amongst our generation. and may we follow the path set before us so as not to lead those following behind astray.

One Comment on “2 Ch. 23:16 – 2 Ch. 35:15

  1. Jessica, Thanks for the great words about today’s reading. I also love the story of King Josiah in chapters 34-35. It’s awesome to see how the Word of the Lord can change people’s hearts. When Josiah found scriptures from the Lord and read them…He was changed. And, as a result, the people he led were changed. During his reign the people turned back to the Lord. That’s part of my prayer this this 90 Day Bible Reading. May our hearts be changed because we’ve read the whole story…and been taking in a daily dose of his grace and words of life.

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