Job 42:1 – Ps. 24:10

Guest Blog written by: Ethan Pettigrew

Something that stuck out to me multiple times today was how amazing God’s power is and the fact that God will look out for those who seek after him.

In Psalm 18, David praised God for delivering him from his enemies.  David shows an appreciation for God’s ability to control everything on this earth.  He talks about God making the earth shake and making mountains tremble.  David says that God made fire come from His mouth and that God flew in on the wind to protect David from his enemies.  He shot arrows and threw down lightning bolts to scatter and defeat them.  God even made the depths of the sea visible, exposing the foundations of the world.

Psalm 23 is a Psalm that many people are familiar with.  It talks about how God looks after us and it calls God the Good Shepherd.  The psalmist says that even in the scariest, darkest, most dangerous place imaginable, we have no reason to fear because God’s protection and comfort are there to assure us.  He writes that God takes us to the best places possible and keeps bad things from following us as well.

The magnitude of the events described in Psalm 18 are so immense that they don’t even sound possible.  I know, however, that God and God alone can make all of those things possible and so much more.  His power and strength is so vast that nothings is impossible to Him.

Then in Psalm 23 we see that even though God is so strong, he still cares deeply for each of us.  God always has our best interest in mind and is always looking out for us.

So if you’re going through a situation that seems impossible for you to fix or get out of and maybe it is too much for you, but it’s not to much for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Remember that even in your darkest times, God is there to comfort and protect you and his power is enough to get you out of any situation.

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