Honduras 2015 Day 3

Guest Blog written by: Lea Gardner, Paul Frazier & Rachel Freeman

 I have been listening to the stories of the Honduras Team members for many years, I had often thought about going but quickly talked myself out of it.  It wasn’t until the Youth Group started going that I knew that I would follow through with it.  Camryn had been saying that she wanted to go and I wasn’t sure I wanted her to go without me.  I am still struggling with letting go and realizing that she is growing up whether I like it or not.
I know that we have only been here a couple of days and some of you back home probably will not understand that this experience is already life changing.  I know that many people may look at the Honduras Team and not fully understand what is done in the 10-11 days that we are here. (or ALL the preparation that is done before hand!)  But let me assure you God is at work here in a mighty BIG way!!!

Today started out with our morning devotion and we had special guests via Skype.  Nancy and Marci Gatewood (and Sophie), this was so emotional because they are such a vital part of this team.  It was great to have them worship with us and still be a part of our day, because they worked so hard towards this trip.

After we had our devotional time, we spilt into teams and went to our designated work places today.  The Youth went to do construction on the future Church – Word of Faith.  The Medical Team went to do a medical clinic in a dump.  I prayed before we got there because I personally had NO idea of what I was about to encounter, and those that truly know me know that I cry at the drop of a hat.  As soon as we arrived there were people everywhere.  The sights of these people and their surroundings were heartbreaking. We set up the clinic so we could start seeing patients.  The first family that I was helping triage was a mother that was 19 that already had 3 children.  The oldest was 7 then 5 and 1.  The baby was not breathing very well.  She has asthma, and well me being the mom of an asthmatic and a Respiratory Therapist knew exactly what she needed.  As I was going to go and ask to give her a breathing treatment the electricity went out.  So I had to improvise and make her a spacer out of a mask and tubing. Once we got her settled down and breathing better we were able to check out her older brother.  His name is Oscar and let me tell you he had my heart as soon as he smiled.  He had broken his arm by jumping on the bed and was there to get his cast off.  We got his cast off and Dean was able to reset his elbow and put him in a splint.  They feed these children at the dump and some of our youth came to help feed these children today.  I walked over just to see the youth for a minute and was completely taken aback when I saw these babies eating.  It was heartbreaking to see them eating in a Dump, and out of a bowl with no utensils. Then I saw my little friend Oscar, he was eating his rice and sharing it with a dog that was merely skin and bones. He looked up at me with the biggest grin.  It was clear in that moment I knew that Jesus sent that little boy in today so he could show me how blessed I am.  The Medical Clinic was an eye opening experience for me that I am grateful to have had today.

After leaving the clinic we went to the dedication of the Word of Faith Church that is led by Pastor David and Pastora Harriett.  This was such a wonderful service to see our youth lead for them.  I sat there and watched as language barriers didn’t matter because we are serving the same God, and we were praising Him together.  I was so proud to watch my daughter, along with the others from the EBC Praise Band lead their worship in Spanish. We all left a piece of us with them by putting our names on a rock and putting into their foundation that they are building.  I thought of EBC as we are preparing to build too.  Two Churches separated by many many miles but the LOVE for the same GOD!  Today was truly an awesome day!!

Please continue to pray for our team. We have SO much work left to do! GOD truly is at work here.


We have the best construction crew ever!  Today a crew of 20 (14 of which were 2 women an 12 girls) hauled 5 gal bucket after 5 gal bucket of concrete to pour a foundation on a new church hear in Honduras.  The sun blazing down, dirt and mud on their faces, not a single one uttered a complaint.  At any given point they were singing as they worked.  I’ve worked allot of crews on many projects and I’d take these young ones anyday.  Be proud Ebenezer, with these… our future and continued work for Christ is secure.


I have never seen so much love and joy in somebody’s eyes.  Today the youth on our trip helped to start laying the foundation for the “Word of Faith” church.  Our day consisted of bucket tossing, pouring cement, and eating a delicious meal cooked by some of the ladies in the church.  We got to spend more time with these people at the church tonight during the dedication service.  It filled my heart with joy to see God breaking the language barrier during the service tonight.  I cannot even describe how awesome it felt to be worshiping along side these people who I thought were so different from me.  In many ways they are different.  There lifestyle is different, there living conditions are different, and our clothes are different.  However, tonight I realized how similar our hearts are.  The people at the “Word of Faith” church are on FIRE for Christ.  They love Jesus just as much as we do, and it was so cool to be able to worship along side these passionate believers.


Mrs. Anita passed the cross to Turner Arnold today during the morning devotion time


6 Comments on “Honduras 2015 Day 3

  1. Incredible! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

  2. We are with you all in spirit! Continue to be open to what God has for you to see and do there. Never forget that it is likely much more about changing YOU than helping them!

  3. The posts written by the EBC Honduras mission team bless me everyday. This experience is obviously blessing the team members as much as it does the recipients. I especially love to read what the youth write. Their excitement is contagious, and I love beginning my day with a new experience told by the team. And TEAM is a good word for this week. It takes team work, team experience, patience, faith, cooperation, patience, and love for other members of the team and for the precious Hondurans which are benefitting from your ministry. Stay brave; stay focused; stay on your knees. You have my prayer support and that of many others whose lives you affect. Please continue to send updates as you can. They are such a welcome and refreshing addition to my day. Rose Neighbors

    • Post written by Nathan’s mom ( who did not realize that she was writing under Bonnie’s name) because I am techno-challenged!)

  4. As a part of the EBC family of yesteryear, I love reading how you all are jumping in to be part of the work He is doing in Honduras. The Kingdom of God is indeed at hand. Peace of Christ to all of you.

  5. This is indeed a special time, make a “marker” in your memory to go back to when you are discouraged, disappointed, unsure…you’ll be blessed all over again!

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