Ecc. 3:1 – SoS. 8:14

Guest Blog written by: Brad Kempson

In Ecclesiastes there was something said many times. That is that things are meaningless.  When I read this at first, I was confused, but as I kept reading, I realized that it meant that we will all leave the earth some day and that we will all be judged, so everything we have on earth is meaningless in heaven and as we are judged.

In Song of Solomon, people are talking about love.  She sees him as the best, he sees her as the best, and the friends know that they love each other.  This passage might be talking about two people in love, but it can also talk about how we should love God and His love for us.  It says that nothing could take her love away, and nothing should be able to take our love for God away either.  He talks to her like she is the best, and God should be the best for us.  And as for the friends, we should let our friends know that we love God and that He is the only thing we want for our lives.

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