Honduras 2015 Day 5

Guest Blog written by: Mike & Niki Hill

Medical Updates from Niki Hill
Friday and Saturday marked our first two medical clinics. The first was at the Dump. Yes, literally, in the village made by those who have nothing but what they’ve made of everyone else’s discarded things came our team to show them Jesus cares for them. We saw 207 patients on Friday. Diagnoses ranged from Malaria, to a man who was sliced in the neck in a machete fight. There were multiple families, many with very young children. Our doctors worked hard diagnosing and writing prescription which kept the pharmacy very busy. Kim Andrews calls these clinics organized chaos and it is so true! Everyone jumps in wherever they are needed and as a team we accomplish the mission! We leave dripping with sweat and feet throbbing. We leave knowing their health was improved, and our hearts forever changed.

Saturday’s clinic was at BelAire. What an overwhelming sight when we pulled up! Hundreds of people already waiting! Dean Huiett was used by God in mighty ways here! Two patients with amputations received prosthetics with ingenuity of multiple people involved using the limited resources available. God made it possible for a woman who had not been able to stand on two legs in 30 yrs STAND (the second woman given a leg this week)! The surgical team removed painful sebaceous cysts. Optical gave over 60 pairs of glasses. 297 patients were seen. Wow! Many mothers with children caught my heart at BelAire. One mother in particular caught my attention with her silent tears, just a few, as I took her young children’s vitals. She was 39. The same age as me. But she looked so much older. Like she has had a very hard live. She had 3 kids. Same as me. Suddenly, I had to choke back tears. The chaos of the day had kept them at bay until then. My heart aches for the desperation of these people who had no clinics service them in a year, for the fact that they have to scramble on top of each other to hope to grab a piece of clothing or shoes because they have none. I don’t know here pain. By the grace of God, I don’t know her pain. What can I do? God answered PRAY.

This team amazes me! God is in every detail. All we had to do is show up!

On the road again! (Sunday) …Loading thoughts by Mike Hill
Breakfast at 6:30 with Jonathan and Heath getting ready to load gear for the third time. What does it take to run clinics in Honduras. 36 Trunks that weigh between 45 and 50 lbs., 4 tubs, stop hunger now boxes, Hundreds of Spanish Bibles, and various extra medical supplies and it all has to go in a 5×8 trailer and a pick-up truck. Except for travel Sunday when we load all the trunks, tubs, suitcases and back packs, along with anything extra we picked up along the way. But Sunday also has all the groceries Derinda, Jacob, Mrs. Anita, David Kelly and I bought Friday. Plus all the medical supplies for Limon that came on the banana boat throughout the year. So Heath, Johnny, Jonathan, Alex, Colin and I load all the suitcases, book bags and extra stuff before we could leave. Now in Honduras you have to be flexible, Mario told me the truck would be ready to load at 7:00 AM, but it showed up at 8:30 (patience). Then we start out and like every trip you have to stop for gas, ice, produce, have lunch and then drive an hour and a half down a bumpy dirt road after you have been traveling for five hours. But after the van ride you must unload everything which takes the help of the whole team. Plus set up the rooms, organize the supplies for the next day and then eventually bed and start loading again at 6:00 AM. But we all do what we do to see the joy in the eyes of the kids and adults who receive health care, new shoes, bibles, and the love of Christians. This all seems like a lot of work but the work is a joy because it makes everything run and everyone has what they need to complete the mission.

The Tuareg Cross was passed this morning between brothers…from Ethan to Alex


4 Comments on “Honduras 2015 Day 5

  1. Oh, sweet Niki Hill, I can only imagine how tender your heart is! And Mike, my back hurts just reading the loading and unloading. Many prayers going up for the team..rest, refresh,net, wisdom, courage, humor…and He will answer these prayers as you continue to serve Him. Love y’all!

  2. My daughter mindys and son in law Heath are among the many ober there to make a difference ….God bless you all and keep safe. Love you guys.

  3. Love my “sister” and brother Niki and Michael Hill and everyone on this mission trip so much!!! You are all making a difference in the lives of these people and encouraging those of us back home to do more to serve others less fortunate than us! Tears fill my eyes with each post you all share. Thank you each one of you!!!!

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