Isa. 14:1 – Isa. 28:29

We’re a little over half way through with our mission in Honduras. As we spend our days pouring out into the people of Honduras, it’s important to spend a few moments every morning in the Word and with the Lord letting Him pour into us. Nancy Gatewood didn’t get to come on the trip this year, but she sent us with a beautifully written devotional to use as a guide for our times with God. We’ve been studying the names of Jesus each day. Today is…I AM the Good Shepherd. Shepherd care for their sheep. The protect their sheep.

As we walk through scripture this summer we are settling in today to the middle section of Isaiah. Some of the first words that I read today were these, “Send lambs as tribute.” (Isa. 16:1) In the middle of a section of scripture that deals with the frustration that God had against the people. In the midst of the oracles outlining the Lord’s judgment on the people come these four words. SEND LAMBS AS TRIBUTE.

Yes, it sounds a bit like a line out of the Hunger Games. But think about it. They used spotless lambs to atone for their sins. As we studying the name of Jesus… The Good Shepherd, imagine how Jesus turned the world on it’s end. The Shepherd became the Sheep. The Shepherd gave His life. He became the sheep. He is the tribute…in our place…to atone for our sin. Praise be to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the whole world.

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