Honduras 2015 Day 6

Guest Blog written by: Charley Goode and Alex Pettigrew


Our day started bright and early 6:30 AM with a yummy breakfast and then we had our devotion time where the topic was ‘Jesus is the Good Shepherd’. I could feel God speaking to me here because, yesterday when our bus was having some issues, I began to get scared. Hey, we were in the middle of the road, in Honduras, anyone would’ve had the heebee jeebies. So, in that moment I began to pray and I asked God to take care of us. As soon as I raised my eyes, there were 2 sheep on the side of the road and I knew then that they were a sign from God because, His sheep know Him and He knows his sheep. He is a good Shepherd. After devotion, we were off to Plan de Flores.

I am serving on the Children’s Bible Study Team alongside Molly, Jacob, Ethan, Colin, and Mrs. Anita. Today we acted out a variety of skits which include: the story of Samuel, David and Goliath, and Jesus. We couldn’t find our clear cups to do our plan of salvation visual. So, Molly and I started looking through the things we had to see if we could find anything we could use. We found a bag that opens up into different colors worked on descriptions for each color to tell the children about salvation using the colors. After lunch, Ethan, Micah, and I set up a “witnessing table” beside the pharmacy. So, while the people were waiting for their medicine, Ethan and I would ask them if they wanted to sit down with us. In our time with the many people that came by, we asked them how they were and talked to them a little bit about their lives. When we first started, most of our visitors were adults. However, one kid sat down and once one did, all of them came after that. These children just wanted a Bible to hold and show off that they had one. It was so heartbreaking for me because, I have at least 4 Bibles at home and these kids were fighting over their first one, ever. This one girl came up and she asked me if I would please pray for her family and her health. Once we locked hands, she held on so tight, she was almost cutting off circulation. Another guy asked us to pray for his daughters, Micah prayed this prayer. After we finished, Micah told us that he told him that he can’t find his two daughters and he asked us to pray for reunion. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe everything is planned by God. I know that God placed each and every one of those people before us for a reason. I pray they will use these Bibles to help them grow. Today was great day for the Kingdom of God. I am so happy I could witness and pray with and for these sweet sweet people.


These past few days have been some of the most exciting, eye-opening, and heart-changing days I have seen in my twenty years of living. I have been fortunate to work with and observe the medical team this year. I have known for several years that I want to enter the medical field and study to become a PA, so I was incredibly excited to be able to serve on the medical team. This is my first time in Honduras, and also my first time doing many of the things I have done so far in the medical clinics, so this has been a new experience to say the least.
Today, just like every other day in the clinic so far, I did something that I have never done before. I was in the surgery room this afternoon with Dr. Connor and a few of the other members of the medical team. A patient came in with an ingrown toenail that needed to be removed and someone said, “Hey Alex, why don’t you help out Dr. Connor with this procedure?” So, I jumped at the opportunity, thinking I would be handing him instruments while he would explain to me what he was doing. I was very wrong. Dr. Connor actually let me be the one to remove the patient’s toenail while he guided and showed me what to do. While it sounds gross, it was one of the coolest things I have ever done and it took me way out of my comfort zone.

This is just one story, among many that I could tell about what I have seen and learned here in Honduras. I have been forced to think and do things in ways here that I would never have thought possible, but like He always does, God has given me the strength to carry through. Without His strength and continual provision, I don’t think I could handle many of the mental and physical challenges here that we have faced thus far. God is moving here in Honduras and allowing our team to meet the physical needs of these people while also being able to help them meet their spiritual needs. I ask that as you are reading this to continue in prayer for all of the different areas of ministry we are doing and that God would continue to strengthen each of our team members as we move into the coming days. Thank you and God bless.


Tonight we also headed over to the Limon orphanage and had our annual party with the children. They danced and sang. They gave us hand written cards of their love for us our church and we were able to give them the shoe box gifts from the Ebenezer families. This was such a sweet time with the children. There are a bunch of new children there now too (and there were plenty of gifts for everyone). Tonight we saw 50 of the children.  We’re looking forward to seeing them again on Wednesday.  Getting to see them once more made tonight a little easier to drive away.  It was more like a hello party than a goodbye party (like we usually have).

* Today Alex passed the cross to Gloria





4 Comments on “Honduras 2015 Day 6

  1. We join your trip via your posts. Thanks so much for sharing. Prayers continue from here

  2. Thank you for updates. Continuing to pray for you all and for the work you are doing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless

  3. Looking forward to the pictures, just don’t show us the toe please.

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