Eze. 36:1 – Eze. 47:12

Guest Blog written by: Brad Kempson

One thing that is repeated in the reading is “Sovereign Lord” not just Lord, but Sovereign.  Sovereign means having complete power or authority.  God should have complete power over our lives. 
The Israelites had defiled God’s name. God told the people that he wasn’t going to help them for their sake, but so that His name would be seen as good again.  God says that he will make the Israelites clean.  He will do the same for us.  No matter what we do, he will always make us clean and pure again. 

One major passage is in the valley of dry bones.  There are many dead people in the valley.  Then God says to prophesy to the bones and tell them to get up.  Skin and tendons appear on the people.  We are all like the people.  Some of us are dry bones, and some of us have skin, but neither have the breath of life in them.  Then, God says to prophesy to the breath.  So the breath comes and fills up the people and gives them new life.

That is how we should be.  We should all receive the breath and get a new life in Christ.  God will never leave us to be dry.  He will always give us new breath. 

There is a passage that talks about Israel coming back together into one nation under one ruler.  With everything going on today, this passage can also relate to us.  There is so much separation in America today.  We need to all turn back to God and become one nation again with one ultimate Sovereign ruler. 

Over all, today’s reading was a good reminder for me that God should be number one day in what I do.  He should be the one ultimate Sovereign Lord and ruler in my life.

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