Lk. 2:1 – Lk. 9:62

Guest Blog written by: Charley Goode

The story of the tax collector and Jesus will always be one of my favorite stories. Jesus befriended Levi and asked Levi to follow him. Right then he left everything and followed Jesus. This is such an awesome accomplishment, everyone should be praising God for the change in Levi’s life. Right? I mean this guy was a sinner and now he is covered in the blood of Christ. However, the whole dynamic changes once we realize that he is a tax collector. The disciples called out to Jesus saying “why do you eat with tax collectors and sinners”– how ironic is it that these people are asking Him why he eats with sinners when they are sinners themselves. Jesus then says that it is not the healthy who need a doctor. It’s the sick. He has not come to change the righteous but the ones caught in wicked ways. In my life, I can automatically be so quick to judge someone and wonder why my Christian friends are hanging out with people who are not following Jesus and then I realize that ministry and my life isn’t revolved around me. It’s revolved around Jesus. Jesus wants us to reach those who seem unreachable. I find myself thanking God often for the people who brought me to Christ. If Jesus didn’t love sinners, none of us would know Him. There is no sinner who is worse than another. So in my life, I’m going to try to remember that someone had to tell me and talk to me and you could always be that person for someone else. 

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