Lk. 10:1 – Lk. 20:19

Guest Blog written by: Ethan Pettigrew

Sadly, summer break is nearing its end and it feels all too soon.  For me it feels like just yesterday I was throwing footballs at the CIA sports camp in Georgia or leading worship in churches in Honduras.  Those weren’t yesterday, however, and that means school will start soon.  In today’s reading I read something that we all need to remember especially now that school is approaching.

In Luke 12:4-7, Jesus gives a message titled Fear God.  Jesus tells us not to worry about those who kill the body, rather fear the One who has the authority to throw people into hell after death.  How true is that heading into the school year?!   When we get to school, we’ll be tugged in all kinds of directions by our “friends” and other peers.  When that happens we need to be ready to stand for what we have learned this summer from God’s Word and trust that God will protect us.
Jesus goes on to talk about how much God cares about even the sparrows who are sold for almost nothing.  He tells us that the hairs on each of our heads is numbered by God and that we are worth so much more than sparrows.  God is always looking out for us and keeps our best interests in mind at all times.  That’s why sometimes we don’t get why certain things happen for weeks, months, or even years down the road. God, however, knows exactly why certain things need to happen at the exact moment they need to happen for our good.
When school starts Monday, it’ll be easy to try to just fit in and it’ll be easy to start worrying about what other people will think of us.  Like Jesus said, though, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!  The only person’s opinion of us that matters is the one that died on the cross for each of us almost 2000 years ago.
So, in these last few days of summer, I ask everyone to pray.  Pray that when school starts you’ll be able to stand up for Jesus and everything that you’ve learned this summer.  Pray especially that you’ll have the courage to not worry about what other people will think about you when you don’t act like everyone else, but instead you act like Jesus the Savior of us all.

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