Honduras Day 2

Guest Blog by: Lauren Hill, Kaitlyn Kempson & Annie Kate Watson

Today we helped Ms.Nancy and Ms. Marci with Women’s Ministry. Women’s ministry is a loose term because there were also Children, some men and even a dog. When the service first began there was only a handful of women, but the music from the worship service drew more people in; by the time we started our lesson there were about 50 people. The people were very friendly and many came up and personally greeted us. We could tell they were excited to have visitors. 

Ms. Nancy and Ms. Marci spoke about God’s grace specifically in the life of Paul. They incorporated many object lessons to help the people better understand God’s grace. We helped with the object lessons, and at the end we all did a skit about the body of Christ. Afterwards we gave each woman a devotional book. 

It was a very different atmosphere, but very exciting. The people were very passionate, and we could definitely see their love for God. We expected the language barrier but as we got into the service, it became clear that we were all there for the same reason. You almost seemed to forget about it because you became so focused on praising God and spending time with others learning more about him. It is such an amazing experience to see the passion everyone had for God and the way they sang and responded to the lesson. We loved being able to participate in this ministry.

* the Tuareg cross was passed today from Kaitlyn to Victoria.

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