Honduras Day 1

Today 44 people from Ebenezer & Florence boarded a plane and headed to Honduras.  We are 44 individuals, but we are serving as a team for the next ten days for the glory of God.  We will bring the Good News of Jesus to many people during our time in Honduras.  After a few airline delays and a long van ride, we made it safely to our hotel.  We are all settled in and ready to begin work tomorrow!

This team has a big task ahead of us.  We will be doing a variety of ministry projects.  Some of them include, medical clinics, construction of a church, building librarys at two schools, children’s ministry, speaking in local high schools and women’s Bible studies.  It may be a big task ahead of us, but we serve a great God!  We rely on Him for our strength!

As always, we know that as we serve the people of Honduras – it won’t be us being the blessing.  We will receive far more of a blessing for having been here this week.  Our mission teams always end up learning more from the people of Honduras than we teach.  We’re looking forward to what God does in the hearts of the people here in this beautiful country and in the hearts of our 44 team members.  

Check back every day as we have different team members write this daily blog to keep our family, friends and church updated on our work down here!  

**as we left today Sophie Watson passed the cross to Kaitlyn Kempson to bring on the trip.

4 Comments on “Honduras Day 1

  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated Praying for you all and all the Hondurans that cross your path In Love, Teresa

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