An Ode to Fresca

Oh, Fresca how we love you.  How we love your refreshing fruit flavor.  When it’s hot in Honduras and the days are long, we smile when we see you sitting in the back of gas station coolers.  When we go to dinner and the waiter say, “Fresca for you?”  We say, “si senor!”

Our mission teams love the Fresca!  It’s become the soda of choice for our teams for years.  And this year, we’re even buying it by the liter!  It’s the simple joys that bring smiles to tired servants of the Lord!  Thank you Jesus for Fresca.  

And Omerea, we are drinking it all and thinking of you.  But honestly, by the time we return on July 30, there will be, “No Fresca for you!”  But your waiter does says, hello!

Oh…and yes, that is a new Walmart in Honduras!  Nothing says missions like Dr. Connor chugging Fresca in the parking lot of an armed and gated Walmart.

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