Honduras Day 4

Guest Blog by: Dr. Garrett Barton, Suzette Watson & Nancy Gatewood

Today our team’s very first patient was waiting in the back room, a young teenage girl currently in labor.  Aside from the pregnant mother were multiple patients with procedural needs.  Lastly, there was a young boy with both legs malformed from birth and a large-sized pressure ulcer.  One thing I take from the vast medical experience is how fortunate we are.  Most of the issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis do not include a single problem these people face.  When was the last time I did not have clean water for drinking, eating or cooking? Thoughts like shelter or education also never cross our minds.  In experiences like our trip to Honduras, God shows us His grace and mercy.  His Love does much for humanity without us even realizing His works.

The weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain, but that was not God’s plan. The Children’s Ministry Team enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day with the children of Bel Aire.  The Bible Story Group shared the message of God’s love and promise of eternal life through skits and songs.  They also gave the children bracelets that shared the plan of salvation.  The Craft Team painted faces and took photographs of the children which were framed–a priceless treasure for the mothers who most likely have few or no photos of their sweet faces.  The Recreation Team came prepared with soccer balls and goals, and the kids loved it!  After lunch, the teams gave out scripture dolls to remind the children of God’s love for them.  It was a day full of smiles, high-fives, hugs, and laughter. Language certainly was no barrier for God’s love!

Today all 44 members of our mission team plus our translators loaded up and headed to Bel Aire for the day. Marci and I worked the optical station – along with our translator Harriet Kelly. Finding the right glasses for people who need them is a challenge – especially when they can’t read and we don’t have eye charts like we do at home! We have John 3:16 written in different size font and the different sizes correspond to different strengths of reading glasses! However the neat thing about optical is asking people if they can see Jesus with their hearts! Three men and one woman accepted Christ today. The last man kept saying he was good and could get to heaven because he was good. Brad Kempson was standing nearby and heard him! Brad joined the conversation and shared his testimony with the man who then accepted Christ!!!!

**Today the Tuareg Cross was passed from Marci Gatewood to Johnny Hobson.

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