Honduras Day 8

It’s been an amazing journey here in Honduras.  We have experienced so much this week as a team of 44.  We’ve had ups and downs and crazy times too.  Jokes have been shared, laughs have been aplenty and tears have been shed too.  The hardest days were serving at the dump (literally a dump where people live) and leaving the orphans last night. But the Lord has been so good to us.  We are all healthy and our eyes are more fully open to the presence of the Lord and His work around us.

Today began early and we packed up and loaded trucks at 6:00am to get 44 people three hours across the country to the airport in time to fly to Roatan.  To explain to you God’s provision for our team let me share one story from today.   On the long bumpy dirt road from Limon one of our vans blew out a tire.  Typically there is nothing on that road for miles at a time.  Van #2 rolled to a stop with a busted back left tire just 25 yards from a tire repair shop!  …on a dirt road people!  That is all God.  To make it even better, the man jacked up the tire and in a matter of minutes had us rolling again.  Wow.   

We are now in Roatan and tomorrow we will be hosting a health fair and carnival for a church and community at Oak Ridge and then worshiping with them tomorrow night.  Continue to pray for us!  Here are a few pics from the past two days.

** Kim passed the Tuareg Cross to Kaitlyn Street.   

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