United with God

After a great day of ministry in the city of New Orleans we ended our day in worship with 400+ other students.  All day we’ve poured our selves out, so all of our souls needed to be filled.  The Holy Spirit was gracious. The music was great tonight, but the Word of God was so true…so clear…and so what we all needed to hear.  The pastor preached from Romans 6.  It hit home for us all. Especially to church kids who tend to ride the fence in faith.  So often we rest on the gospel of John 3:16 and assume that’s the whole gospel. We think that we simply need to believe in Jesus and then go about life as usual.

Romans 6 suggests a radical idea.  That we ought to not continue being ruled by sin because of grace.   Grace isn’t a liscense to live like we want.  Our response to the grace we’ve been given and the freedom we’ve found in Christ should lead us to be united with Christ (Rom 6:5) not with sin.

We get the privilege of being united with Christ and to share the Good News again tomorrow morning.  Pray for us as we serve.

** Melissa passed the cross to Team 3 and asked Ashley to carry it on the team’s behalf.

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