For the 99 and the 1

The Gospel is for all.  Good News isn’t something we hide, keep to ourselves or cover up.  It’s intended to be shared with everyone.  Sometimes that happens in large worship services with high-end technology, powerful music and dynamic preaching.  And other times, it happens on street corners, in restaurants and even in dorm rooms.

This week we’ve seen how God runs after the 1.  He is not hesitant to leave behind the 99 who love Him to search out the ones who needs Him.  We’ve seen over and over this week in New Orleans how God is extremely personal.  He is just as interested in the homeless man on the street as he is the people on our buses.  He’s just as interested in the lady with cancer sitting on her porch as she is the students across the street eating lunch who decided to share their meal with her.  God is just as interested in the Crash as He is in the one youth who needs Him.

Today was a great day at our ministry sites.  We had tons of kids at the two Bible clubs in the parks.  We also sorted tons of food at the Hope Food Bank.  In addition to all that, we also began work on painting a church.

On a day that has been filled with tragedy back home, it’s been filled with life in New Orleans.  One of our own students, Ross asked a student to sit down in the dorm this afternoon and help him follow Christ.  Ross decided in that dorm room to give his heart to Jesus and be sold out totally to the Lord from now on.  Amen!! This day needed some great new… and this my friends, is the BEST news we could share today.  

Pray for us as we begin our final day of ministry on Thursday.  We didn’t have a chance to pass the cross tonight, but will do so in the morning.  And a special thanks to our pastor, David Wike for being here these past few days serving along side our students.

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