This morning at the am show they got me up on stage and had me compete against two other youth pastors to put straws in 2 liter bottles with our toes. Mside youth chanted my name (…nathan…nathan…), but to no avail. I came in second. It’s harder than it looks. Ha Ha. Today is going to be a great day at camp. Keep praying for us.

By the way – Hunter received the cross last night from Jeffrey.

Well day 1 is coming to a close and we are about to get some grub before evening worship. Camp is great…our teens are awesome…and the adult chaperons are still alive!

Here are some of the highlights of the last 24 hours. Awesome worship, fabulous Bible study, great track times, “so so” food, and little sleep. That’s the basics. More specifically though, Martha Lee started our Tuareg Cross yesterday and passed it on to Jeffrey last night. He will be passing it again tonight. Shelby did an awesome job on the high ropes course. She took a big step by going off the top platform. Go Shelby!

The theme this week is “the underground.” We’re studying about the abandoned, the sick, the poor, and the oppressed in our world – but also how there are those around us in our lives who are in similar situations spiritually. Today in worship and Bible study we considered the thought that many of us have had times where we felt very alone. Maybe we’ve not all been physically abandoned – but we can all relate to the fact that we are all abandoned and in need of adoption by our heavenly Father. Wow!

Look for more details and keep praying for our students as well as the other 700 students here this week!


As a youth pastor, I often talk to parents who are a little leery about letting their teens begin dating. As a dad, I can understand how they feel. It’s important to raise our teens to be responsible and it’s also important to teach them how to treat their date in a godly manner. I’m sure you have all heard a story or two about a dad who “lays down the law” with a young man before he takes out his daughter. Just in case that tactic doesn’t work – here’s a thought for parents trying to protect their daughters. (When I saw it – I just about rolled out of my chair in laughter)