Tomorrow is our last day for VBS and it’s a great lesson. It is the story from Acts 4:1-20 where Peter and John are before the Sanhedrin. Imagine…Peter and John being brought before the Sanhedrin to account for their actions (simply preaching, teaching, and healing in the name of Jesus). Their boldness in the face of possible death is astounding. Here are the two things that stick out the most to me in this passage:

Verse 13 – “…they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Can people tell you have been with Jesus? Are you reflecting the Christ that is inside you? I don’t always hit this mark – but I pray that people can see Jesus in me by the way I treat them.

Verse 20 – “For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” May this phrase be the thing that is at the front of our minds not only during VBS – but always. May we be so changed by our relationship with Christ that we can’t help telling others about what God has done in our lives.

Enjoy our last two nights of VBS and go into your world and spread the good news!

Family Update

Sorry, I haven’t blogged this week. We met with the Dr. again yesterday about Ellis and he says there is no change so far – and he wants to see us again in a month. He is waiting as long as possible before putting Ellis through surgery. Keep him in your prayers.

We are all doing well…and sleeping is actually ok. Ellis wakes up about two time between 11pm and morning. Maybe in a few more weeks he will be able to sleep through the night like his brother did.

Monday is the big “30th” birthday for me. It seems like just the other day I was in collge at AC and life was so much simpler. Now I’m a husband, a dad, and a minister. Boy do I feel old. But God has given me so much and I can’t imagine living life any other way.

Pray for Ellis

Yesterday Ashley and I met with an ENT doctor here in Spartanburg and he says that Ellis has a cyst on his salivary gland under his tongue. He will see us again next Thursday to see if it has grown and begin to make a plan from there. The primary treatment for this problem would mean surgically removing the gland all together. Ellis would be fine without the gland, but the procedure is a bit tricky (esp. on a baby). We are a bit nervous about all of this because all three doctors we have seen have said that this is the first case they have seen in a new born. Please pray this week that the duct that is clogged which is causing the cyst would open up and the problem would go away.