Fuge Day 3

Well, we are nearing the end of the week and things are going good. As you can tell from the picture, there are a ton of students here having a great week. We’re unfortunately down two of our campers. No one is hurt, it was just apparently not the week for these two teenagers to be at Ridgecrest (so they were sent home on the bus with our CentriKid campers this morning). The rest of the students are doing great and loving camp. Last night we had an amazing time in worship and in our church group time. During our church group time we spent about a hour praying for and with one another in a very special way. Each teenager had the opportunity to walk around and pray for every one individually. It was a good time for the students to encourage one another and build up the bride of Christ (the church).

Today is great not only because I’m at camp and students are growing in their walk with Christ – but it’s also my anniversary. Ashley and I have been married nine years today. She is so great and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. She’s so understanding of the ministry that God has called us to do and is so willing to allow me to be here this week at camp rather than be with her on this special day. It won’t be that way though next year as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Have a wonderful day Ashley, I love you.

One Comment on “Fuge Day 3

  1. I’m praying extra for both you and Ashley today! I wish you could be together to celebrate but I know God is working because of your sacrifices for Him.

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