Fuge 2012 Arrival

Despite the threats of Tropical Storm Debby, we made it to Panama City Beach with just enough time to see the sunset at the beach where Jacob Ross passes the cross to Justin Briscoe. The last big band of the storm was moving east of camp and we could see the dramatic line of clouds giving way to clear skies and a gorgeous sunset. The students spent the evening hanging out and playing volleyball with another church group who came early too. The rest of the churches will arrive tomorrow as camp opens after lunch. Everyone is hoping to wake up to a beautiful day with calmer seas so we can spend the morning at the beach before camp gets rolling. Pray for us. I told the students as we left Spartanburg that I prayed we would be safe from the storm, but that we would be anything but safe in our walk with Christ this week. I pray that God churns up a storm inside us so none of us goes home the same. May each of us leave here more passionately in love with Jesus – our Savior & Lord!


One Comment on “Fuge 2012 Arrival

  1. It is amazing that the storm moved on and you are there! We are praying for all of you, the other groups and the Centrifuge staff. God is at work and He plans to touch many lives at this special place. Just looking at the ocean is enough to remind us how big God is and how much He loves us! Thanks for keeping us informed. We love you!!

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