More From Honduras


These past few days have been full of wonderful ministry in Honduras. However, they have been so full it’s been hard to have time to update this blog.

I’ve had a variety of tasks over these past three days. I’ve been able to install a sound system in the new orphanage at Lemon. I’ve played soccer with the kids. I’ve preached two sermons. I also had the privilege of praying with every family at the clinic today while handing them each a Bible (for some it is the first Bible in their home).
Since I last wrote we’ve been to two additional towns leading worship services and doing medical clinics. In the past two days the medical team has seen well over 250 people. Malaria cases are frequent and many babies are sick. It is awesome to watch these three men of God using their gifts in medicine to bring healing to all these people. The entire medical team is fun to watch. They work very long hours in imperfect conditions with the added problem of the language barrier – yet they work as one without a moment of arguing or grief.

This afternoon I got the opportunity to put my marriage counseling training into practice. The church in Lemon asked me to host an, “ask the pastor” time at the end of their full day women’s conference. So it was me trying to answer the 

questions of over 70 women for over an hour. The beautiful thing is that they all had the same sorts of questions and struggles. Questions about their walk with Christ, their husbands and their children. These women share some of the same worries and concerns of women in Florence, SC. They want to know Christ better, they want to be loved by their husbands and they want their children to love the Lord.

Continue praying for us. We have a few more clinics to go before we end our work on this trip to Honduras. I hope you’ll pray about joining us on one of the next trips. This has been one of the best organized and safest international mission trips I’ve ever seen. Our team has never felt afraid about safety or worried about illness. We’re all healthy, safe and in awe of the Lord’s work in this beautiful county.

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